The Online Project Management Tools Helps to Manage Projects more Efficiently to Reach the Business Objectives

The online project management tools help to maximize productivity by reducing the wastage of time and budget to manage projects efficiently. These tools help the project managers to multitask managing resources, financials, time management, generate reports etc. all from a single platform.  Creative Office Pro brings the latest office management tools that simplifies tasks for the project managers to handle more than one project at a time. There is no doubt that project managers are under great stress to manage their resources and complete the tasks before deadlines and this can be effectively done by using the project management tools that really come to the aid of the project managers to do things more efficiently with less efforts. The office dashboard is one tool that brings calendar, tasks, open invoices, current projects etc onto a single platform for you to view things at a glance and make quick and informed decisions. The project manager tool is also one of its kind that gives critical data on the status of the projects, time spent on different tasks, project notes, files and messages, amounts invoiced and many more into a single tabbed view to archive data or remove from the work flow.

online project management tools

The task management software allows the project manager to assign tasks to multiple team members, create comment threads, attach files to tasks, create milestones to tasks, track time on tasks and also segregate completed tasks, incomplete tasks or running tasks to find out status on the work left over in a project. It is also possible to export task lists to Excel and also create PDF printouts. The timesheet and job timer tool allows to create time spent on each task and specific projects that can be converted into invoices and sent to the clients for bill payment. The calendar allows to note down the important dates for meetings and create reminders which can be shared with the team members in the iCal format, RSS or the Google calendar account. There is also a file manager that allows to attach files to tasks and projects, share invoices with clients and send messages to the team members to speed up the projects. The report generation tools creates data in graphical representation to check finances, expenditures, team member productivity reports etc that simplifies the job of the project manager to handle things with full information on their finger tips and with just a click using the online project management tools.

Mycophq offers the Creative Pro Office tools for competitive price which can also be test tried for a limited period before downloading the full version to manage your projects more resourcefully.


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